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Green technology chemical formation line for tubular battery

Green technology chemical formation line for tubular battery

Place of Origin : China

Brand Name : OU'XIN


Price : 25000--1000000USD

Packaging Details : Safety export standard package

Delivery Time : in 30days

Payment Terms : TT

Supply Ability : 10000

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1,The performance advantages:

< 1 > acid circulation process, for each set of batteries, in and out of the acid flow velocity and density is consistent, ensure the battery in the process of into each cell of consistency.

< 2 > the assembled a group of battery welding is firm, to eliminate in the process of the groove into caused by virtual welding, welding off board, white board, into the phenomenon such as opaque.

< 3 > acid circulation into the battery active substances high conversion rate, initial capacity can be increased by 10%.

< 4 > hot acid recycling, through filtering, cooling, to ensure the purity of the electrolyte and turned to the temperature.

< 5 > touch screen and PLC control, straightforward, high control precision, safe and reliable and stable operation.

< 6 > acid circulation process, electrolyte temperature can be real-time detection, according to different temperature to adjust the system pressure, adjust the electrolyte flow speed, guarantee the temperature control in the following 45 degrees.

< 7 > acid in the process of circulation, can real-time detect the electrolyte density, according to the density adjustment into acid and water inflow, guarantee the consistency of the electrolyte density.

2,Safety and environmental protection advantages:

< 1 > groove into electrolyte needs regular replacement, and acid circulation into electrolyte constantly updates, can realize zero discharge into the electrolyte, solved the lead into the electrolyte, the difficulty of processing.

< 2 > the system adopts the seal works, no acid mist overflows, work site clean, no pollution, at the same time reduces the employees' career damage.

< 3 > the system adopts the seal negative pressure in addition to the hydrogen system and forced exhaust system and the charger linkage work, job site hydrogen residue, reducing the explosion safety risk.

< 4 > production process reduces the welding operation, reduce the working staff's occupational injury risk.

< 5 > internal cooling and external cooling system, ensure the electrolyte temperature to meet the process requirements.

3, Production efficiency advantage:

< 1 > by acid circulation into, change the battery technology, can shorten the battery production cycle 5-6 days.

< 2 > due to use raw board assembly process, cancelled the medium plate drying process, logistics flow, etc., greatly reduce the processing time, increase production efficiency.

< 3 > acid circulation process, at the beginning of charging time shortened, production efficiency is improved greatly.

4,Energy investment advantages:

< 1 > acid circulation process, through the acid into the electrolyte temperature, cold and heat exchange control without cooling water cooling, can reduce the waste water in great quantities, to save energy.

< 2 > acid circulation process, cancelled a medium plate is dry, reduce energy waste, such as steam and electricity.

< 3 > by acid circulation into without mixed acid machine, filling machine, acid into a trough, the water cycle equipment such as outsourcing, can save equipment investment cost.

< 4 > by acid circulation into, can complete the battery internalized into, check at the beginning of the discharge, battery charging process, etc. Saves slot into workshop, plate drying kiln space, battery charge at the beginning of space, the space of the pickled, filling and acid machine room, etc., can greatly reduce the infrastructure investment.

5,Using field advantage:

< 1 > acid cycle contains battery into a groove into early and battery charging process, such as reducing the traditional into process of plate washing, organic solvents, medium plate drying process, reduce the plant area.

< 2 > at the beginning of battery charging and acid circulation is accomplished within a workshop, can reduce the battery cover an area of space.


Application: For the formation of Maintenance free//industiral battery,such as MF car&tricycle&forklift battery,and so on.

System component: acid preparation and storage module, acid circulation module, acid filtering and cooling module, external cooling system , temperature monitor, acid level monitor, scrubber, electrical control module.


1)save formation cycle time, more than 50%.

2)increased performance and improved battery quality.

3)reduce the production cost by 10%.

4)increase the productivity of the charging process.

5)easy to introduce the total productive management method.

6)environmental protection: no waste acid, no waste water, the emission of the acid fog is up to the national standard.

7)easy to operate and make the workman happy, for: no acid contact, no acid fog, clean and easy control.

Technical Parameters:


No. of battery

Formation cycle time (h)

Acid temperature(℃)

Max size (mm)
















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